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'An investor without objectives is like a traveller without a destination' - Ralph Seger

Financial Planning

It would be unusual to set off on a financial journey without knowing where you are going or how you are going to travel and arrive at your destination.

This is the difference between financial planning and a suitable investment vehicle of choice.

Whereas the discipline of investment can be uniform, the financial plan is generally unique which is why each case is designed independently according to each client’s individual need.

At Sutherland IFA we spend a lot of time getting to know and understand client objectives so that a clear path ahead may be mapped out, not just at the beginning but every step of the way; with consistent reviews and fine-tuning to ensure efficiencies and compatibility within the UK’s financial framework.

Financial planning incorporates many areas but here are a few to consider:

Retirement planning

At Sutherland IFA we believe a pension is only as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as the investment within it; it is not the tax efficient pension wrapper itself. To this end, we work with individuals to help them understand the value of their accumulating pension assets so that they can maximise the capital and income from these pensions and other investments at retirement. We understand that retirement is not the end of the journey but the beginning of another and as such we consider the most suitable options to meet your lifelong financial objectives by securing your income, providing for your dependents and all the while keeping tax efficiency in mind.

Investment accumulation or preservation

It’s hard enough accumulating capital in the first place so that preserving and building on it thereafter is essential. No matter whether it is gained from an inheritance, the sale of a business, an unexpected windfall or the result of saving over many years, Sutherland IFA can assist you in the protection of your investment assets and provide solutions to increase their value. As with pensions, we believe that there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ investment vehicle whether it is a NISA (previously ISA) or an Investment Bond; it is down to the investment itself. At Sutherland IFA we are constantly reviewing investments within these tax efficient wrappers to make sure that they are suitable to achieve your chosen financial objectives.

Inheritance tax planning

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Roy Jenkins, once said, “Inheritance Tax is a voluntary levy paid by those who distrust their heirs more than they dislike the Inland Revenue”! Even today, this represents just about the only tax that is legitimately avoidable with careful planning. After ensuring that clients have a Will and Powers of Attorney in place, it can be relatively straightforward to address possible tax liabilities so that beneficiaries may continue the financial journey their forebears started.

School and University fees planning

Sutherland IFA recognises the sacrifice made by many parents in providing private education and/or university fees for their children. With appropriate financial advice and guidance on the most appropriate way to meet these costs, we can assist in making this priority a reality.


Inadequate preparation can scupper the best-laid financial plans so at Sutherland IFA we look to make sure that before the financial journey begins, sufficient protection is in place to cover income replacement, life cover and critical illness cover. We hope that a claim will never be made, but if it is, at least loved ones will not left to cope with the burden of unpaid debt, an outstanding mortgage, regular outgoings and a reduced quality of lifestyle.


It is all very well to establish a trust but it is as important to make sure that all the assets held within the trust are adequately invested.  The Trustee Act 2000 imposes a legal duty of care on all trustees and as such makes them accountable to the beneficiaries for all investment decisions. By working closely with solicitors, accountants and individual trustees, Sutherland IFA helps to ensure that the responsibilities of the trustee are fulfilled; this includes risk profiling, fund selection, asset allocation and regular reviews.