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'An investor without objectives is like a traveller without a destination' - Ralph Seger

What We Do

Sutherland IFA provides a comprehensive service for any private individual or trust looking for advice on their finances or help with investing funds.

We recognise that all financial circumstances and objectives are personal to each individual and that each investment journey is a unique experience.

From the outset, and from an investment perspective, we also appreciate that quite apart from preserving our hard earned income we also want our money to increase in value.

Using common sense and innovation, Sutherland IFA distinguishes between each individual financial plan and risk profile but at the same time applies a discipline to investment that is uniform.

All the funds included in our investment portfolios are researched extensively, monitored daily and managed in a proactive and dynamic way in a bid to gain outperformance and added value.

Sutherland IFA uses an investment platform that gives access to whole of market at institutional discounts and access online to both adviser and client all day everyday.

All our advice is ‘advisory’ only, or put another way, we will always seek approval from clients prior to any investment proposal.