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'An investor without objectives is like a traveller without a destination' - Ralph Seger


No journeys through life, even financial journeys, are without dangers and pitfalls so it’s best to be prepared from the outset especially as everyone knows that accidents, serious or critical illness and death shows no respect for anyone, whoever they are, whatever their age.

Planning for the worst may not be everyone’s cup of tea but experience shows that having uncomfortable conversations before you set out on the financial path gives peace of mind.

Putting protection plans in place to cover all eventualities means that should, God forbid, anything adverse happen along the way, loved ones may experience emotional loss or trauma which is bad enough but at least they won’t suffer financial loss or hardship; especially if clients have debt, a family or other responsibilities, or a liability for inheritance tax.

Sutherland IFA can advise on all aspects of protection and can let you know immediately if cover is required.

In addition, it is known that existing policies can change over time and become increasingly uncompetitive, especially if they have been bought directly. In this instance we can help and advise to suit your needs and as importantly your budget.

We use the latest technology to calculate the most tax efficient and cost effective solutions in the following areas:

  • Life Cover:
    - Family Protection
    - Term Insurance
    - Whole of Life Cover
  • Critical Illness
  • Income Protection
  • Corporate Protection:
    - Keyman Cover
    - Shareholder and Partnership Protection