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'The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails' - William Arthur Ward

Investment Philosophy

Sutherland IFA’s investment philosophy relies on a strategy that is sometimes referred to as Tactical Asset Allocation.

This is a dynamic and proactive process for constructing and managing funds in balanced investment portfolios without compromising an investor’s personal risk tolerance and their financial objectives over the medium to long term.

Our investment portfolios are monitored daily to ensure fund suitability in light of ever changing market conditions.

By applying patience, discipline and a strong emphasis on prudent allocation of our assets, we look to capitalise on current market trends and movements; in other words add value or outperformance in upward (bull) markets and mitigate risk or losses in downward (bear) markets.

No one investment strategy is perfect and no one investment strategy is guaranteed to do any better than another but the one investment strategy definitely not being introduced here is the traditional ‘buy every asset class, hold for the long term and see where we end up’.

Our investment strategy is all about understanding and following the lead of large institutional investors in the belief that they account for approximately 75% of market movement, both upwards and downwards.

Robust and sophisticated risk-management controls allow us to take significant positions in those asset classes and securities where we have strong convictions in our views.

In addition, daily studying and research of price and volume action is carried out to help investors get in ‘sync’ with market trends and directions because failure to do so can feel like running against a strong headwind.

When a perceived uptrend in the market is confirmed (bull market), quality equity based funds from the whole of market are bought.

Alternatively, when a perceived major downtrend in the market is confirmed (bear market), a switch is made from these funds into cash.

Although we take a centralised approach to investment and fund choice that comprises fixed interest securities and equities, each investment portfolio is ‘weighted’ according to each client’s specific risk profile over the medium to long term. At the same time, active managed and passive index tracker funds are used together as it is believed that there is a role for both.

What we do

What we do

Sutherland IFA provides a comprehensive service for any private individual or trust looking for advice on their finances or help with investing funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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About us

About us

Sutherland IFA is a wealth management company that provides independent and fully bespoke financial advice to both individuals and trusts.

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